Friday, June 8, 2012

Group Reflection Day 3

Discuss what you have achieved through the completion of this project by considering both personal and academic development.

We have finally understood how rendering works through coding, to see what is really behind the dynamics of a program or a web page.
We also learnt some basics in coding and realized how 3d imaging helps medical technology.

Identify possible limitations(restrictions) to your project though the considerations of the design of your experiment of the design of your product.

The product requires internet and without it, it would not render properly, and it only displays certain parts of the human body (e.g torso,head) not all. It also requires a scan instead of an on-spot diagnosis.

Identify possible limitations(restrictions) to your project through the considerations of the design of your experiment of the design of your product.

The final product has to be obviously beneficial to a certain group of people, in this case it was the 3D body imaging that would help doctors better understand a patients problems, in turn curing them more effectively. The program had to be fast and accurate as well as being clear for the user to carefully interpret the figures. 

Suggest possible improvements that could be made in order to minimize the limitations identified.

The program need not rely on internet in case the connection in the current time and place was not as fast for the program to run smoothly and clearly. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Story Plot


A man was severely injured in an accident and is rushed to a hospital. In another room, the Doctor and his assistant are confused about where exactly is the patient injured.
Unfortunately, the patient dies due to this confusion and his severe injury. The doctor then tells this news to the victim's siblings, his brother was anxious with the doctor. After hearing the news, the victim's brother broke down at the lost of his brother.

Narrator would then describe this scene as it is a common occurrence and hundreds of such cases has caused many people to lost their lives due to this. Giving a short introduction to a new device.
The story then rewinds but this time with the device in it.

The man has fortunately made it through this near-death incident, the doctor explains through this new break-through in technology to the sibling and then the patient would explain further on how it has saved him.

Then narrator ends off with telling the audience that this could save your life. 

Group Reflection - Day 1

Our key learning points from the Plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh is that we learned how a tsunami is formed and how it is possible to find out when tsunamis happen in the pass through different ways. E.g: Layers of sand in the ground (for each layer, there is one tsunami and how another layer represents a pause between two tsunamis) , carbon dating (by checking the bat droppings and the pause) and through formation of the shape of the coral(where if the upper part of it is dried, means the water level has dropped due to a tsunami.) We also learned that GPS can be used to predict possible earthquakes by using patterns.
Our key learning points from the IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon was
The different types of animation E.g: Stop motion, computer graphics. We also learnt about the difference between 2d and 3d animation. For 2d animation, is usually done by hand where but can be coloured by computers and it can appear to look like 3d. There are also formula’s (like diffuse lighting, for shadows, and specular lightning, for highlights)3d animation is done through modeling and Maths is used in it to calculate the angle of the lighting and geometrical shape. It is also possible to convert 2d to 3d. The drawing would go through a computer to make it appear 3d and by adding colours.

Our key learning points from the presentation of Prof Ma Jan about innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology is that learned that Nano – Technology is used as it has a larger surface area even compared to an object that has a same volume. It is believe to modify materials properties e.g make it stronger or become invisible(by bending light beside the object). It can also be used to detect cancer cells. Nano Technology can also cause someone to be undetectable by infra red.