Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Story Plot


A man was severely injured in an accident and is rushed to a hospital. In another room, the Doctor and his assistant are confused about where exactly is the patient injured.
Unfortunately, the patient dies due to this confusion and his severe injury. The doctor then tells this news to the victim's siblings, his brother was anxious with the doctor. After hearing the news, the victim's brother broke down at the lost of his brother.

Narrator would then describe this scene as it is a common occurrence and hundreds of such cases has caused many people to lost their lives due to this. Giving a short introduction to a new device.
The story then rewinds but this time with the device in it.

The man has fortunately made it through this near-death incident, the doctor explains through this new break-through in technology to the sibling and then the patient would explain further on how it has saved him.

Then narrator ends off with telling the audience that this could save your life. 

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