Sherwin's Reflection

Reflection Pre-camp
  • What interests you about this project?
I am interested in the programming.
  • What do you want to learn by doing this project?
I want to learn how to do programming better and how we can use it efficiently.
  • What questions do you have about this project?
How are we going to go about doing the programming? What programming language are we using?
  • What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?
To know how to use programming and be able to do it with less struggle.

Reflection Day 1
I learnt many things in the plenary session today. I think the plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh was the most enjoying. He also cracked a few jokes to make it more lively. His presentation was also very detailed. We learnt about how tsunami that happened last time can be found out through the layers of sand. The environment also helps, for example the bat cave. When the bat dispose it's waste, and a tsunami happens, the year of the tsunami can be found out through the bat's dropping using carbon dating. Past tsunami can also be known through the shape of the corals. We also found out more uses of the GPS. We can not only find out the location we are in, but it can also be used to predict when the next tsunami is going to happen. I also liked the plenary session of IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon as I enjoy animating myself. Though that plenary session, I learnt about how animation was made. Last time, they had to draw every single characters and background. They had to first draw and through some machine, the drawing is printed onto a transparent sheet. Another person will paint it after that. I'm amazed at how they could make such awesome anime although it was so tedious. There is 2D and 3D animation, although 2D anime characters could be painted with the reflection and other stuff to make it 3D looking. Lastly, there was the plenary session of Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology by Prof Ma Jan. By then, I was a bit tired so I lose some focus. However, I manage to grab some information on what Nano-Technology can do. It can make very strong materials. They showed us a video when they shot a bullet at the police car, they glass shattered and the cars are dented but when they shot bullets at the car that has the strong materials, there was no damage at all, not even a scratch. Nano technology also is used in the army uniform. The uniform are coloured in pixels so that they serve as better camouflage for the soldiers. However, I have some questions from these plenary sessions. Is there a easier way to animate without drawing every single frame? How can we show the a character's characteristics from just their appearance?

Reflection Day 2
I have now understood more of the programming language and this have allowed me to do some simple programming myself. I am also able to find my own mistakes in my coding. The first time I received the booklet for my project and saw 15pages of coding, I tried looking at the code to see what the code command this program to do. I did not understand at least 3/4 of it. They are all very foreign to me as I only worked with simple programming in the past. After the lesson, I was almost able to understand it fully although there is still some that I still cant understand. I found out that the coding actually makes this column at the side that allows us to turn grid on and off, turn auto rotation on and off and change the colour and transparency so we can see the organs and system in the body. This can help me in biology when we need to learn about what is beneath the skin, which is our organs and bones. Since I am in ICT TDP, I can use the knowledge for programming in that. That will allow me to program what I want although I might need a bit more knowledge and some twist as I might be using another programming language. I clarified most of my questions with Mr Mobeen in the class so I do not have any for now to ask. I aspire to be a game creator, a graphics designer or a 3D modeling designer.

Reflection Day 3
I learnt a lot of things in this camp. I learnt more about earthquake, tsunami, animation and nano-Technology. Those I have already said in my Day 1 reflection, so you can refer to that. I shall say more about what I learnt in the programming lesson. In the front, when the teacher was teaching the basics, I felt that it was quite good as I already roughly know about it and it served as a revision to me to retrieve the programming knowledge that I had. I would say that the part when we started on the 3D body imaging programming, things started to become confusing. We had to scroll around the code to change the coding and stuff. However, I manage to get along with it. Mr Mobeen gave us some challenge like changing a program that is programmed to draw straight lines to draw freely around. That was quite a tough challenge to me. When Mr Mobeen had some technical error in another program, I tried to do some simple programming myself. I succeeded making a whole webpage of buttons. xD It was really cool. The buttons says "Do not press me" and when you press it, it will pop up "Y U NO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!?".  Overall, I find that this project is really fun and I enjoyed myself though there were some parts during the lesson where I got lost. Oh, we had a skit presentation that we had to present. We had to rush on Day 2 night. I spent quite a lot of time trying to do it. However, our efforts paid off, we got first out of the 4 teams. :D I think that this project is awesome, not to forget the 8GB thumb drive in the goodie bag. Lastly, I want to end this reflection by thanking Mr Mobeen for teaching us programming and Professor Lin and Professor Seah for helping and guiding us.

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