Sherman's Reflection

Pre-Camp Reflection

  • The name of the project already attracts me.
  • I wish to know more about how the human body functions and how we rely on these parts to carry out daily activities.
  • I personally wish to achieve more understanding about the human body    

  • Day 1

    Personal Reflection 
    How does nano – technology advance further?
    How does diffuse lighting affect the scene

    Day 2

    I now understand more about how coding is used for 3D body imaging. And how different colour scheme can see specific organs.

    I did not know that 3d body imaging needed coding and how coding is linked to many other things.

    Coding has taught me about how one uses it to program other things that could link of benefit program.

    I could roughly create programs

    Some new questions i wish to know now is how coding can affect other applications/
    How colours  can actually specify organs related to one another.

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